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  Our history

Thierry Chevillard created Blue Efficience in 2008 after several years of research and development in protecting films from Peer-to-Peer network piracy.

In 2009, encouraged by its success, Blue Efficience expanded its business to also offer protection against the modern methods of streaming and direct downloading which were becoming increasingly popular.

In 2012, the company became a technical service provider for France’s HADOPI (High Authority for the Broadcast of Works and Protection of Rights Online) thanks to its growing expertise in the online film piracy industry.

In 2014, with its increasing customer base, Blue Efficience became an Official Technical Partner of the César Awards.

  Our DNA

Blue Efficience’s founding pillars are innovation and the quest for efficient solutions to protect cultural works on the internet.

The services we offer are based on applications developed by our specialist team of engineers.

To cater for the varying needs of the industry, we provide a wide range of solutions from turn-key complete protection to personalized protection.

We work alongside copyright holders on a daily basis providing a responsive, readily-available and informative service.