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“Blocking is good, converting is better.”

In 2018 Blue Efficience has increased its anti-piracy action with a watchword: connect potential consumers, familiar with pirate sites that we block, to legal offers. We have therefore developed our conversion service to complement our anti-piracy expertise.

The keystone of our innovation lies in our ability to replace pirate websites with our own websites for referencing legal offers in generalist search engines. In two years, our conversion service has reached new heights in terms of number of visits and redirection of consumers to legal offers.

Based on these results, we successfully applied to Creative Europe's MEDIA program, presenting our ambition to extend our initiative to five other European countries. We are proud to be supported by Creative Europe.

Creative Media Europe


In France Blue Efficience is at the top of the ranking on Trusted Copyright Removal Program of Google (TCRP) for requests to remove content for copyright infringement.

This tool allows companies like Blue Efficience to send a large number of requests for the removal of illegal content to Google.