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Full protection

Cinematic works, audiovisual content, and audiovisual materials are made available without authorization on the internet.

Initial appearances are monitored on the Dark Web, where fraudsters monetize the content they have pirated on private networks, at screening venues, or on major public legal platforms.

Our software searches for them on content platforms, social networks, messaging apps, pirate sites, and search engines.

The works are detected using a bouquet of image and video comparison technologies called Blue Print.

The origins of the piracies are investigated using state-of-the-art marking and traceability technologies.

Copyright and trademark violations are identified by our Blue Print technologies and our protection operators.

The infractions are handled continuously, and 80% of them are resolved within 24 hours.

The most cunning pirate actors undergo digital investigations to constrain them and achieve the highest market removal rate.

Our web platform, a true control center for piracy protection, provides access to dashboards, graphs, data compilations, and raw service data.

Blue Efficience’s Hotline is the powerful tool that enables rapid processing and tracking of any investigation request expressed by our clients and their partners.

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