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Blue Efficience’s expertise enables effective protection of copyright and prevention of any unauthorized use of protected works through advanced technical skills and an in-depth knowledge of intellectual property regulations.

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With 15 years of experience in the audiovisual industry, Blue Efficience has acquired a thorough knowledge and mastery of the mechanisms of illegal exploitation of works on the Internet and has been able to set up personalized services to best meet the needs of its clients.


Blue Efficiency is a research centre for ever more effective technical and legal solutions to protect your works. Thanks to our meticulous attention to detail, which is one of the main qualities of our work, we are able to remove unauthorised copies of your works where others fail.


The subject of piracy of works on the Internet is dense, complex and constantly evolving. Our task is to express it in a clear and simple way, without confusing the message with obscure technical considerations and unnecessary details. We work in understanding with our clients so that they can measure and understand the actions implemented by Blue Efficiency

How we work


We offer our clients access to a dedicated web portal where they can view and work with all the data from their film analysis and protection. All data is updated in real time.


Our ability to protect works knows no boundaries. We are not restricted by geographical or language boundaries. All of our services are international in scope in order to best protect your works in all territories.


Piracy of works is a difficult subject by nature, which does not tolerate any delay in the answers to be given. Our clients have a Blue Efficience expert at their disposal at all times to assist them, answer their questions and propose solutions to the problems of piracy of their works.

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