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Blue Efficience has 10 years’ experience working exclusively for the film industry, during which it has gained in-depth knowledge on the illegal distribution of films.


Blue Efficience is at the forefront of the quest for ever more efficient technical and legal solutions in order to protect works online.

Our eye for detail, one of our key qualities, enables us to remove unauthorised versions of your work where others cannot.


Piracy is naturally a difficult subject to tackle and requires instant action.

Our customers always have a Blue Efficience expert on hand to guide them, answer their questions and offer solutions to their piracy issues.

  Easy to understand

Online piracy is a complex, deep and ever-changing topic.

Our job is to get rid of the technical jargon and explain the situation clearly and simply.


Our customers have access to a dedicated online portal where they can see and study all the data from the analyses and protection of their films.

All the information is updated in real time.


Our ability to protect works knows no international boundaries. We are neither limited by geographical nor language barriers.

All our services are available worldwide.