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  Illegal links search

Blue Efficience searches and locates all the host links allowing your films and TV series to be downloaded or viewed online.

Lists of all these host links as well as the internet pages where they are found are permanently available to you via the Blue Efficience web portal.

You can also have the lists sent to you at regular intervals by email or in real time via an RSS feed.

Blue Efficience can also provide help and information for legal services so that the links collected can be taken down.

   Stop spending your own time searching!

  Case study

You are a producer and want effective protection against the unauthorised distribution of your film online.

You would like to use Blue Efficience’s services but your legal department does not want an appointed third party to handle the legal takedowns.

We continually list all the links enabling your films to be downloaded or viewed online.

The list of new links collected is sent to you every day by email.

Your legal department contacts us so we can help them put in place an efficient takedown procedure for a specific host who is not complying with their injunctions.