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  Appearance alert

Blue Efficience has a dedicated alerts service for film and TV series piracy.

You are alerted each time the monitored film or TV series first appears online. An alert will also be sent each time a new illegal version with a different origin or of significantly better quality appears.

  • These alerts will be sent via :
  •   email,
  •   text,
  •   telephone,
  •   RSS feed.
   Don’t be the last to know when your film is being pirated online.

  Case study

You are the French distributor of a foreign film that was released in American cinemas a few months ago.

  • You want to:
  •   know if your film is already available illegally online and if so, which version and of what quality it is,
  •   be notified by email or text, for a set time, of any change to the illegal availability of the film.

As soon as your film is under our surveillance we will carry out and send to you an analysis of its illegal availability online.

You will be notified, by email or text, the first time it appears online as well as any further versions with a different origin or of significantly superior quality during the time that your film is monitored by us.