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  Piracy evaluation

Blue Efficience can measure the unauthorised distribution of your films and TV series online.

  • Several evaluation levels are available for each film:
  •   number of indexed sites offering the film,
  •   average number of pages offering the film on the indexed website,
  •   amount of host links allowing the direct download or streaming of the film.

The service distinguishes between active and inactive links so you can see the effectiveness of any anti-piracy protection you have in force.

   How bad is the damage?

  Case study

You are a distributor and have implemented internal measures to protect your films online. However, you have no way of evaluating the effectiveness of your measures and want an expert analysis.

You are releasing a film already illegally available online. You can ask Blue Efficience to evaluate the current level of protection.

We continually measure to what extent the film is illegally available online including the number of pages on indexed websites that offer valid access to it.

The information is available in real time via the Blue Efficience portal.